ATA RADIO SEASON 3: Episode 19 w/ RAWK! (Mani Draper & Dj Flow)

This episode of ATA Radio features special guest Mani Draper who has a project coming out on ATA Records with DJ FLOW entitled RAWK! Mani shares his perspective and experience tagging along on the euro tour and experiencing turntable nerdism x1000. Topics include IDA, Travel Goals & how the RAWK! album came about.

Sorry about the missing recording of Antriks mic. You can here him faintly through the other mics.

ATA RADIO s2 ep9: The tour, tablists making music, and who’s running the tablist scene today.

Antriks, Flow Santos, and Onedr get caught up after the Killable Syllables tour. They discuss activity in the new studio, Onedr’s feelings about DMC, what it was like being on tour with the legendary DJ Excess, who had the best pizza, and how to beat Antriks Blanka combos in Street Fighter.