News: Chris Santos A DJ Named FLOW OUT NOW!!!

Photo by Tommy Sullivan

Chris Santos is a DJ named FLOW.  With the follow up to the KINGSHIT EP, Chris Santos aka DJ FLOW returns with a brand new batch of original breaks & beats.  This project is packed with funky samples, sinister loops & heavy drums designed for the listener to get into Battle mode on the floor, behind the decks or even in the booth.  

For this project, artist Chris Santos attempts to channel all of the influences and  experiences before actually becoming “A DJ named FLOW”.  “I took piano lessons young, moved on to playing drums in the school band in the Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band and Drumline. I continued to play drums into high school until I found the turntables.  Throughout that period growing up close to the Bay Area, Hip-hop was always around us through the radio on KMEL and around town we had local battles and showcases.  With this project I wanted to capture the different elements which created the foundation of where I was at musically when I first picked up DJing.”  During the early 00’s battle culture was a huge part of hip-hop in northern California.  “I would watch footage of old b-boy & DJ battles and go to the local competitions where there would be MC battles.  Once I started DJing I ended up meeting Antriks of Battle Ave through a local promoter Donovan (Feelgood Collective) and stayed linked with both of them ever since.  I started playing all of the Battles around town, I would be the DJ picking beats for MC’s, playing breaks for B-boys and rocking the crowds in between at the jams.  This was pre-digital so you had to have deep crates to be able to touch all aspects so diggin’ was a given.”

This project looks to define the name FLOW and what it represents.  With drumming, digging for records & battling being at the foundation of his upbringing, the sounds on this EP are a direct reflection of that spirit.  “The hypest battles were over the hardest, darkest beats.  Heavy drums and sinister loops were the key to the every great battle in hip-hop.  You had to have the right beats on deck and drop them at the right time to set the tone for the battle, the session, the track etc.”

Photos courtesy of  Tommy Sullivan

Artwork by Nic Arnado

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