ATA Records & Battle Ave presents: Cut2Cut Black

Hi Everyone,

This Black Friday we wanted to take a different approach with this break record release and introduce it on a new platform, digital music. Our newest record, Cut2Cut Black is a digital record and is 100% FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE:

This Black Friday – Cyber Monday Battle Ave and At The Ave Records will only sell 1 item, The Cut2Cut Black Labels with access to the Cut2Cut Black Looper. 100% of the profits raised will go towards DJ youth program we are partnering with Scratch Academy and other local DJ programs on (see below).

That’s right. We’re paying it 100% forward this season.

Cut2Cut Black includes 16+ traditional and skip proof samples. All brand new. Ultra pitch friendly. Mastered for a 12″ vinyl. Completely free for you to start cutting it today.

A bit misleading (we apologize), but a full length digital break record is the beauty of where turntablist music is at these days. With companies like Mixfader streamlining portable scratching with DVS there are now NO BOUNDARIES. You can now scratch break records on standard / portable setups, 7″, 10″, 12″ control vinyl, Serato, Traktor, and even CDJ. Don’t worry. We’re not giving up on vinyl. We still have Killable Syllables. 😉

For all the support this community has given us, we wanted to give back with a project that truly meant something to us and for generations to come. Therefore, the only product Battle Ave and At The Ave Records is selling on Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday are the Official Cut2Cut Black record labels (see below).

Each label comes with a special QR code that leads to the Cut2Cut Black Looper hosted on a private page with our friends at

100% of the profits from every pair sold will go to a global initiative project that we have partnered with Scratch Academy and other DJ programs on. Our project,”Go Scratch Day” is a special day out of the year dedicated to free workshops, meet & greets with local legends, and open sessions for all ages at all Scratch Academy’s in your local area. At each event, we will be focusing on raising enough money to offer an aspiring student a free membership for a year. We hope everyone will participate in the activities related to #goscratchday to help raise awareness about our culture and the history we are trying to preserve through the initiative.

To suggest a local youth DJ / Producer program near you, contact us:

It’s amazing how much the turntablist market has grown in recent years. It’s grown into a fertile ground for start-up labels and brands to really push creative products into the community. That makes the Cut2Cut Black project and Go Scratch Day even more important. This community is still very small and as much as we need to eat, we need to take the time to feed.

We hope you can join us in this experience. Go Scratch Day has a specific goal and we hope to achieve at least 1 event by 2017. We’re in a new era of turntablism. One with endless ways to share our music. In the spirit of giving, if you’ve downloaded the record…
Post a file, son. 

By the way, in the spirit of giving our partners for the Cut2Cut Black Campaign are offering discounts on their sites for specific products needed for the Cut2Cut Black Record:

Want a discount on Control Vinyl and a Portable Fader? – code: cut2cutblack ( 7″ serato / traktor vinyl) – code: cut2cutblack (15% OFF 12″ serato vinyl) – code: battleave (10% OFF Mixfader portable fader + case)
About The Goods Honolulu – In-shop discount on Control Vinyl


Battle Ave, At The Ave Records & Friends.


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